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March 2021

From Howard Field of Farm Fromage

Hello Folks,

I am writing to give you some fantastic news! As you know my mission was to hook up farms and cheese makers for the betterment of the whole community. 

Ten years ago, I received a call from a young couple. They wanted to learn how to get in the sheep milk and cheese business. I spoke and they listened. At the end of our conversation, they asked what the bill was. I had no idea what to charge. I charged $20 for a couple hours.


Fast forward 10 years and I found that they had caught the cheese flu that night. They bought the dream back then and the company this week for more than $20.

Angela and I are happy and proud to announce that Melvin Stoltzfus has purchased Farm Fromage in total. The better news is that Melvin will be supplying the same cheeses with the same labels going forward.


Melvin is the owner of Roundtop Farm LLC. They currently distribute many other local Pa cheeses primarily to restaurants.

We are now working together to make the transition seamless for you all. When you are ready to order again, please contact me and I will help Melvin get going.

Please let us know if you have any questions or needs.

Angela and I are ecstatic to have a successful end to this chapter of our lives and look forward to the next. Angela is going to be grandma and Mimi to our grand kids, and I will find something great to promote on a part time basis. I personally figured out that retirement is not my thing.

Thanks again and again!

Best of everything to you,


Angela and Howard

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